Tom O’Connor: The Threat of Militant Islam

March 31, 2015

On November 9, 2014 Philip Hamilton sat with Tom O’Connor to discuss his insights on the outcome of the 2014 elections, his political views, and the direction the GOP needs to go as it prepares for the 2016 presidential election.

Tom O’Connor discussed the pending lawsuit in Frederick County, Maryland were thousands of fraudulent voter registrations are being challenged.   Due to the presence of fraudulent voter registrations across the United States, including in the state of Virginia, O’Connor believes that Ed Gillespie should have attempted to challenge some of those fraudulent registrations before considering conceding his race to Senator Mark Warner.  However, Ed Gillespie’s senior staff indicated that their campaign could not overcome the 16,000 vote deficit even when factoring in fraudulent voter registrations and other factors.

Tom O’Connor believes that Suzanne Scholte was a strong candidate and that she ran a very effective race through minority outreach, communication of her goals in Congress and her willingness to hold townhalls, such as a veteran oriented townhall.  While Suzanne Scholte cut into Connolly’s support, her main issue was her lack of name recognition within some of the voter base in the 11th Congressional district.  Tom believes that Schulte has a greater chance of winning if she runs again due to the fact she will have greater name recognition.

O’Connor discussed the direction the GOP should pursue in the future.

  1. The GOP needs to focus on local elections. In the 11th Congressional District of Virginia we need to find out Gerry Connolly’s relations to Muslims, progressive groups, etc.  Connolly showed his support for Hamas and the Palestinian government. Connolly supported sequestration while at the same time supporting financial contributions to Hamas and to Palestine.
  2. Stress the importance of the Presidential race. O’Connor supports Ben Carson and possibly another candidate.  Ben changed his party registration from independent to Republican.  Ben projected that he could 17% of the total African American vote.  Currently Democrats get 95% or more of the African American vote some there would be some Democrat turnover.
  3. Stress the importance of Social Media in swaying the opinions of voters.

In 2014 Republican Party goal is to secure the U.S. Senate, which was accomplished. Politicians who are associated with the Republican Party needs to stand by principle and to “unwind” Obamacare, in order to maintain majority support.

In September 2012, Barack Obama’s administration stated that Al Qaeda was on the run, as part of Obama’s reelection campaign.  Sending in troops to protect ambassador in Benghazi, would show that Al Qaeda was not on run.  Questions in regards to the ongoing Congressional investigation on the 2012 terrorist attack in Bengahzi, that Congressman Trey Gowdy should direct towards President Obama and his staff, are as follows:

Where were you?

Who were you with?

What were you doing?

The main revelation that O’Connor hopes the American people will understand is the notion that the president would fail to protect a U.S. Ambassador in order to maintain to the illusion that Al Qaeda was not on the run, in order to convince American voters that his foreign policy execution during his first term as president was successful.

As the crises in the Middle East continue to unfold in 2015, Tom O’Connor successfully predicted that Obama’s weak foreign policy would compel a more chaotic middle east.  This year the Islamic State has continued to inflict more casualties and to gain more ground in various Middle Eastern countries.  The civil wars in Yemen and in Syria continue and more recently, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have been compelled to take action against the Iranian backed rebels in Yemen.

Currently, American, Israel, Europe, Russia, out Middle Eastern allies, and various other countries are at war with militant Islam.  The Qur’an in Arabic means, “That which should be read”.  The Qur’an has had many of its verses abrogated, with hard line verses preferred over moderate verses.  As long as it remains popular for Islamic leaders to prefer and to promote hard line verses of the Qur’an which promote jihad and the termination of non-believers, then militant Islam will continue to be a security threat to civilized nations in the near future, even with the eradication of Islamic militant leaders and the degradation of the organizations that those leaders are a part of.

Editor’s Note: To understand the threat of militant Islam Tom O’Connor recommends that individuals read the publications, “Sharia the Threat: Team ‘B’ II” Report by Cliah Lopez and the book “The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy” by Erick Stakelbeck.


Discussion on the Proposed “Regulation Freedom Amendment”

March 31, 2015

On March 23, 2015 the Arlington County Tea Party held their meeting at the Hard Times Cafe off of Wilson Boulevard. Roman Buhler, a former staffer to former House Majority leader Newt Gingrich and Director of the non-profit the Madison Coalition, spoke to the Arlington County Tea Party in regards to the Regulation Freedom Amendment and the proposed Convention of States.

Arlington County Tea Party March meeting with  with Roman Buhler (Left Center).

Arlington County Tea Party March meeting with with Roman Buhler (Left Center).

Roman Buhler stated various concerns he had in regards to the Convention of States, including procedures in regards to the selection of delegates, the introduction of new amendments by liberal legislatures in addition to proposed amendments by conservative legislatures, and the U.S. Supreme Court’s intervention in regards to the rules pertaining to a Constitutional Convention.  Roman stated that the mere threat of a Convention of States, after a nationwide grassroots effort, may propel congress to propose amendment to the U.S. Constitution, such as the Regulation Freedom Amendment, thus making it unnecessary to hold a convention.

Here is the background on the Regulation Freedom Amendment which Roman provided to the Arlington County Tea Party:

• Federal regulators have been and are continuing to abuse their authority. They threaten the checks and balances on federal power intended by the authors of our Constitution and are perhaps the single greatest impediment to American economic growth and job creation.

• Every voting Republican Member of the of the U.S. House in 2013 supported the “REINS” Act to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations.

• But Congress is too divided to enact major regulation reform over an almost certain Presidential veto and a law could be challenged in Court on separation of powers grounds.

• However, in the same way that states originally helped to force Congress to propose the Bill of Rights, 2/3 of the states, if they agreed on an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, could probably force Congress to propose it.

• Three times in American history, states have helped to force Congress to propose Amendments states wanted: The Bill of Rights, the 17th Amendment for direct election of U.S. Senators, and the 22nd Amendment for Presidential term limits.

• An effort to mobilize states to force Congress to propose a specific Amendment could unite those who favor reform, including some who are not convinced of the need for an Article V Convention.

• The Regulation Freedom Amendment,  now backed by more than 500 state legislators, 3 Governors (Pence, Bryant, and Mead), the American Farm Bureau, the General Counsel of the RNC and 3 former General Counsels, would require that Congress approve major new federal regulations:

• Text of the Regulation Freedom Amendment:

“Whenever one quarter of the Members of the U.S. House or the U.S. Senate transmit to the President their written declaration of opposition to a proposed federal regulation, it shall require a majority vote of the House and Senate to adopt that regulation.”

• A bipartisan coalition, including the 31 states with Republican majorities in both Houses of the state legislature, along with reasonable Democrats in other states including KY (coal), NM (oil and gas) and IA (agriculture) or even in ME, MN, CO, or WA where Republicans control one chamber and could win control of the other, could add up to a 2/3 majority of states who would support an end to “regulation without representation.”

• Even the credible threat that states might force Congress to act could deter regulators and encourage elected officials to answer a simple question:

• “Should regulators keep their current power to dictate from Washington, or should they be made more accountable to elected officials?”

• Or: “Shouldn’t regulations, like laws, have the consent of the governed?”

• Polling shows that voters, by a 2-1 margin favor the Regulation Freedom Amendment to require that Congress approve major new federal regulations.

• The issue unites our friends, attracts independents and divides Democrats. It could help us win elections in 2015 and 2016.

• States can strengthen their power to force Congress to act by passing “faithful delegate” legislation that would empower a state to replace, and therefore control, potentially disobedient delegates if a Convention ever took place.

• Six states, IN. TN, FL, GA, SD, and UT have already enacted such a law.

• If a majority of states with a majority of the U.S. population enacted such laws, they would control a majority of delegates at any Article V Convention, and could limit the scope of that Convention, if one were ever held,  to just an up or down vote on the exact text of an Amendment that 34 states had agreed to in advance.

• Faced with the possibility that states might use their power, Congress would almost certainly propose the Amendment states wanted to avoid the risk of a precedent-setting Convention that would be more powerful than Congress.

• Members of Congress can help protect the Constitution and empower the states by supporting a “10th Amendment Rule” in the House and Senate recognizing and enforcing the 10th Amendment right of states to limit the scope of an Article V Convention that those states call.

• If 2/3 of the states can demonstrate their power to force Congress to propose a specific Amendment states want, without a Convention, the entire balance of state and federal power will be transformed.

• Business and political leaders can increase the pressure on Congress and regulators by endorsing the Regulation Freedom Amendment and urging colleagues to do so.

• A properly mobilized coalition of state legislators allied with pro-reform Members of Congress have the ability to restore a balance of state and federal power and to curb the abuse of authority in Washington.

Therefore, conservatives and libertarians must take into consideration that we can have a Convention of States in order to have the U.S. Constitution amended with a balanced budget amendment, term limits, etc.  However, we can have Congress propose and to pass an amendment favored by a majority of conservatives, without going through the effort of a full fledged convention, as long as Congress is willing to propose an Amendment after a nationwide effort to organize a Convention of States is acknowledged.

Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation Summit

March 31, 2015

On March 14, 2015 the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation (VTPPF) held a summit at the Hilton Garden Inn in Glen Allen, Virginia.  The summit began with various votes in regards to Federation tax and other issues during a business meeting consisting of tea party leaders from around the entire state.

Republican Party of Virginia Chairman John Whitbeck speaking at the Virginia Tea Party Federation summit in March 14, 2015.

John Whitbeck, the Republican Party of Virginia chairman, was the first speaker at the summit after the conclusion of the business meeting. He spoke out against slating techniques that have been used to keep conservatives and libertarian conservatives from joining local GOP committees. Mr. Whitbeck stated that slating either needs to be removed from the Republican Party of Virginia party plan or limited to very limited circumstances.

Congressman David Brat provided a legislative update to tea party leaders at the summit. In regards to immigration, Brat said the current GOP leadership does not want to combat President Obama on the issue of executive amnesty because they believe the controversial issue should not be acted on until the conclusion of the 2016 presidential elections. While some have argued the bill funding the Department of Homeland Security does not fund Barack Obama’s executive amnesty program, Congressman Brat said he did not interpret the bill’s language that way.

The congressman indicated other issues exist in Congress due to the influence of money.  He claimed that Democrats and some moderate Republicans have high dollar donors, which allows them to secure their elections, and to maintain their influence in the legislative branch.  He also claimed his Congressional campaign had to work on a tight budget and some conservatives should not expect to be as well financed as their more liberal opponents, who have supporters with deeper pockets.

Congressman Dave Brat speaking at the VTPPF Summit on March 14, 2015 (FxFC Photo)

Members of various organizations and political campaigns were present at the summit. One organization raised awareness of the Piedmont Environmental Council (PEC), which has abused its authority in the past to prevent farmers from developing their land. Specifically the PEC claimed that part of Martha Boneta’s land had been traveled by Stonewall Jackson, thus giving that land protected status.  The PEC forced Boneta to pay for a fence that would separate the protected land from the rest of her land. It was later found out the PEC falsely claimed her part of the land as historical, which showed the organization’s willingness to use misinformation to degrade the property rights of certain farmers.

The summit ended with an overview of future budget expectations and organizational goals of the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Federation. The top issues for the VTPPF will continue to be property rights, civil forfeiture, criminal justice reform, and budget issues.

Creativity at Katsucon!

March 31, 2015

Bumblebee at Katsucon. (FxFC Photo)

This past Valentines Day was spent, for me and for millions of other adults in America, as a single individual. With no date night arranged, I was compelled to do something both unusual and unique for Valentines Day. This time, my knack to do things out of the ordinary, led me to go to the Katsucon anime convention at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center at the National Harbor in Maryland.

It was a decision I certainly that I am glad I made!

While walking towards the Gaylord I saw hundreds of children, teenagers, and adults, in various costumes, walking on the streets and dining in restaurants within proximity to the convention. The costumes worn reflected various elements of both Japanese and American culture.

One hand-made costume that caught my eye was one of “Bumblebee” a character from the Transformers film series that began in 2007. The costume was larger than the rest of the costumes within the convention, and allowed that individual to stand about 10 feet tall! As the individual spoke, through a voice distorter, the eyeballs on the robotic helmet would light up. The dedication that the individual took in hand-making, retrofitting himself into, and adding electronic add-ons to that costume was nothing short of phenomenal.

Tinder Box at Katsucon. (FxFC Photo)

There were various other individuals who decided to “cosplay” as characters from American culture, such as the characters from X-Men, the Avengers, Batman, and the Power Rangers. Specifically, an individual dressed as the “White Ranger” not only looked just like the character’s outfit from the 1990s Power Ranger series but he posed just as the character did. Typically, one sees more of these types of costumes at a comic convention, but they have been growing in prevalence at anime conventions.

Individuals who cosplayed as characters from Japanese manga and anime were aplenty as well. I witnessed various individuals dressed as characters from Dragonball Z, Sorcerer Hunters, and various other popular anime genres. In addition, I happened to see a funny costume based on the manga Scott Pilgrim Versus the World, which happened to be adopted as an American film in 2010.

However, I would say that the “funniest costume award” should go to the young lady who dressed as a “Tinder” box. I certainly commend anyone who can poke fun at the online dating phenomenon in a tasteful manner.

The White Ranger at Katsucon. (FxFC Photo)

George Mason University has a “GMU Cosplay Club” which consists of various residents of Northern Virginia who have made a hobby out of hand-making costumes. Various members of the GMU Cosplay Club were present at Katsucon as well.

Katsucon began in 1995, and like many other anime conventions in the DC area and around the country, has had an increase in attendance each year. Ever since the increased popularity of anime in the United States in the 1990s more individuals have decided to show their dedication to that form of art, by attending conventions that consist of panels showcasing anime genres both of the past and present. In addition, panels consist of manga works, which have not necessarily been created into an animated show or film.

Note: Cosplayers is a term for individuals who dress up as characters from fictional shows, films, graphic novels, comics, and other works of art.

Free Weldon Angelos!

March 31, 2015

On February 18, 2015 the George Mason University Young Americans for Liberty chapter held a discussion pertaining to mandatory minimum sentences within the United States of America.  Jeff Scully, the Virginia Director for Generation Opportunity, along with two of his co-workers, showcased a documentary on Weldon Angelos to the student group.

Weldon Angelos had been convicted of selling marijuana on three separate occasions. Under federal law, the minimum penalty for the first offense was a 5-year prison sentence. For the second offense the minimum penalty was 25 years, and for the third offense the minimum penalty was an additional 25 years!

Paul Cassell, a retired judge who served in the U.S. Court within the District of Utah, handed down a 55 year prison sentence to Weldon Angelos in compliance with federal mandatory minimum guidelines. This week, on ABC’s Nightline, Paul Cassell expressed regret for giving Angelos the excessive sentence that the mandatory minimum sentencing laws, rooted in the War on Drugs that started in the 1980s, compelled him to give.

It is stories, like the one involving Weldon Angelos, which compel discussions for the need for criminal justice reform. Specifically, there needs to be federal laws which repeal excessive mandatory minimums, for non-violent offenses, in order to give more discretion to judges during sentencing.

You may find more information in regards to the movement to secure Weldon Angelos’s early release at the Facebook page here.

Operation Graduation for Mothers Holds Forum at GMU

March 30, 2015

On February 18th, 2015 the organization, Operation Graduation for Mothers (OGFM) at George Mason University (GMU), held their first forum at the Johnson Center, within the Fairfax campus of GMU.  The panelists included:

  • Lori Kostka—the GMU Students for Life
    Logo for the campaign, "Operation Graduation for Mothers at GMU".  (Operation Graduation for Mothers at GMU Image).

    Operation Graduation for Mothers Logo.

    (SFL) chair and the Director for OGFM

  • Michele Hendrickson—the Capital Area Regional Director for Students for Life of America
  • Jennifer Johnson—Staff of Metro Women’s Care
  • John Murray— works for Best Choice Ultrasoundand is the Respect Life leader from St Mary of Sorrows Church.  John is one of the pro-life activists who helped shut down the abortion clinic that was near the GMU Fairfax campus.
  • Sarah LaPiere— is the Arlington County Director of the Gabriel Project
  • Johanna Young—GMU SFL member and OGFM panelist.
  • Angela Smiley—GMU SFL and Feminists for Life member
  • Serrin Foster—President of Feminist for Life of America.
  • Teresa Kolf—is the Social Justice leader for the GMU Catholic Campus Ministry

In addition, members of the audience consisted of individuals who are transferring to GMU, current GMU SFL members, OGFM volunteers, a GMU sociology professor, and Herbertia Gilmore the Title IX compliance staffer for GMU.

Johanna discussed her past pregnancies that occurred while she was attending college. Her third child was due to be born at the time of finals week at GMU, and she notified all of her professors of her possible absence during finals. She indicated that female professors tended to be more accommodating to her than her male professors. One of her male professors referred her directly to the college’s disability office. Johanna stated that she felt that being referred to the disability office was demeaning, since she did not view her pregnancy as a disability.

After Johanna made her statement, Johanna’s former sociology professor interjected by indicating that all staff are trained to refer pregnant students to the disability office. The professor explained that a syllabus is a contract between a teacher and a student, and that the office of disability is an appropriate third party to allow a student to breach from their contract with their teacher.

As discussion ensued, pertaining to the fact that not all pregnancies lead to a disability and that some women would prefer to be deemed as “disabled” at the time that they are pregnant. The idea of an “ability office” was casually proposed, to offset the notion that pregnant women would always have to be deemed as disabled to receive help or resources from campus.

Left corner to right corner: Lori Kostka, Michelle Hendrickson, Jennifer Johnson, John Murray, Sarah LaPiere, Johanna Young, Angela Smiley, Serrin Foster and Teresa Kolf.

The Operation Graduation for Mothers at GMU forum.

Serrin Foster, from Feminists for Life of America, brought up issues of pregnancy discrimination that occurs at military colleges. Serrin mentioned that she had spoken to mothers who were forces to relinquish all legal rights to children that they bore while enrolled at certain a military college, in order to remain as a student at the college. Military colleges should encourage pro-family values, but rather some force mothers to have their children adopted in order to prevent students to be “distracted by children” while undergoing military training at these colleges.

Soon after the panel discussed that the fact that pregnant students are currently allowed to stay in on-campus housing during the entire term of their pregnancy. However, once a student gives birth to their child they must move onto off-campus housing. This is yet another example of policies, by the GMU administration, that are discriminatory against students who make the hard choice of having a child while taking classes to earn a certification or a degree. The panel the discussed the the OGFM objective of obtaining on-campus family housing at GMU.

Johanna stated that if such housing was available at GMU that it would make her life much more convenient. However, even if on-campus housing was available, Johanna discussed issues she would face with obtaining on-campus daycare. Johanna stated that there is a two year wait list for on-campus daycare and the administration should work to make the wait list time shorter for parents who are enrolled at GMU.

The panel discussed various other issues, surrounding pregnant students, pertaining to student parking options, available health insurance plans, referrals, volunteer babysitting, telecommuting classes, and lactation rooms.  There are various other universities with lactation rooms, and members of OGFM believe that GMU should have such a room readily available for pregnant students.

March for Life and SFL Conference

March 30, 2015

On January 22, 2015 tens of thousands of “Right to Life” supporters, from all across the country, descended down to the streets of Washington, DC, to show their support for the rights of the unborn.

Alexandria, VA High School Banner at the March for Life.

Alexandria, VA High School Banner at the March for Life.

A vast majority of the marchers expressed frustration and discontent with the GOP leadership, over their decision to withhold voting on the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act that day, since many felt that the bill could have passed the House of Representatives, like it had in 2013, even without moderate GOP support.  Many individuals in attendance, believed that the solidified majority in Congress was a mandate for the 114th Congress to move forward with a bold pro-life agenda.  Despite the disappointment, many remained optimistic that Congress would pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act later this year.

A staggering 13,000 children are killed in late term abortions every year.  Some individuals at the march have reached out to pregnant mothers seeking late term abortions,  to convince them to change their minds about their decision, and many of these individuals will continue such work until the law is changed to make those horrific late term abortions illegal.  Locally, some of the late term abortions occur at the Germantown Reproductive Health Services in Germantown, Maryland.

Members of the Saint Paul Street Evangelization, who were at the march, discussed how they worked to spread the Christian gospel to non-Christians.  In addition to preaching the gospel, the individuals I spoke to were committed to make trips to the Germantown Reproductive Health Services every Monday in order to save children from the death grip of a late term abortion.

Thousands of teenagers and college age youth made a showing at the rally, and studies have been done to show that more youth support pro-life positions now than they have in decades past.  In fact, now, there are only 225 Planned Parenthood chapters in college campuses nationwide.  Compare that to the 838 Students for Life chapters in colleges nationwide, which is a significant increase from years past.

In addition to college students, many pro-life members of high schools, such as the Bishop Ireton Catholic High School, were in attendance.  Many high school and college age youth enthusiastically shouted chants such as, “Obama your momma chose life! Hey! Hey! Hey!”

Philip Hamilton with former Presidential candidate Rick Santorum at the March for Life January 22, 2015. (FxFC Photo).

Philip Hamilton with Rick Santorum at the March for Life in 2015.

Rick Santorum walked with the crowd, as his supporters carried banners for his political advocacy organization Patriot Voices.  Rick Santorum created Patriot Voices after he lost the primary race during his GOP Presidential nomination bid.  Santorum discussed the need to ban abortion after 20 weeks, and stood in solidarity with the mindset of many of the marchers.

At one point the front lines of the march were blockaded by 12 pro-choice advocates who refused to move.  The Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins, who is currently pregnant, grabbed a bullhorn took and had marchers chant, “We are the pro-life generation” to the pro choice demonstrators who had the shirts stating, “Abortions on demand without apology”.  Eventually police moved got the 12 pro-choice advocates out of the way, some by arresting them,  so that the crowd could make it’s decent to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Towards the end of the march, the House of Representatives passed the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act that would outlaw the use of federal funds for abortions. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.

On January 23, 2015 about 2,000 students from across the nation attended the Students for Life National Conference at the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Upper Marlboro , Maryland.   A multitude of college students in attendance had participated in the March for Life the day before.  In addition, pro-life organizations form across the country had booths in the conference for students to obtain information from.

The conference had speakers, such as attorney, David Hacker, from the Alliance Defending Freedom, who specialized in litigation against college administrations for infringing on the free speech rights of student activists.  Hacker spoke about the Alliance Defending Freedom litigates every single case, at no cost to the student who was wronged by the administration, due to the monies that are contributed to the organization by donors.

Hacker spoke about how campus group wanted to create Cemetery of the Innocent within the free speech zone.  Since the Cemetery of the Innocent was deemed as too controversial for the school population, the administrative staff denied having the event on campus, and stated that it could only be placed in front of student activities office.  Hacker litigated against the administration to enable the students to move the event to another part of the campus.

In another case, the Boise State administrative staff told a Abolitionists for Life chapter that they had to place warning signs around campus about their event, “What has Roe Done for Us?” Essentially, the warning signs were supposed to make the students aware of the controversial content of their event.  Abolitionists for Life declined putting up warning signs and Alliance for Defending Freedom is currently engaging in lawsuit against the school.

Attorney David Hacker, from the Alliance Defending Freedom, speaking at the Students for Life National Conference January 23, 2015. (FxFC Photo).

David Hacker, attorney from the Alliance Defending Faith and Freedom, speaking at the Students for Life convention.

Eastern Michigan University campus was denied displaying, “The Genocide Project” on campus. Alliance for Defending Freedom initiated a lawsuit against that university to allow for the showing of the, “The Genocide Project” a controversial pro-life display that is been placed within hundreds of other college campuses across the country.

 During the conferences, a video was shown that displayed children aborted at 5 weeks, 10 weeks, 20 weeks and 24 weeks.  It was discussed, that these graphic images and videos need to be shown to the public in order to humanize the unborn and to change the hearts of women seeking to have an abortion.

At the end of the conference, many Student for Life leaders were recognized for their efforts throughout the year.   Lori Kostka, the George Mason University (GMU) Students for Life chair, was brought on stage so that the crowd could sing the, “Happy Birthday” song to her.

Lori has been a committed leader for the pro-life movement locally, by having students to protest in front of various abortion clinics in Northern Virginia, by inviting a guest speaker who was conceived out of rape, by hosting a Hosea Initiative conference at GMU, encouraging group members to give pregnancy center information and free pregnancy tests out to students, and by inviting students to her Catholic masses, even those who do not follow the Catholic faith, to pray for the unborn.

I say that it is only fitting, that such a dedicated and hard working leader for the pro-life movement spend the duration of her birthday at a pro-life convention.  I hope you and many others will continued to be inspired by the hard work of the youth in Fairfax who work tirelessly in the fight for the unborn within Fairfax County, by demonstrating during the March for Life, and leading during a multitude of other events throughout the year.

Editor’s Note:

Those interested in assisting members of the Saint Paul Street Evangelization with convincing women from having late term abortions, in Southern Maryland, may go to:

GMU Staff Have Free Speech Walls Removed from Free Speech Zone

October 1, 2014
On Tuesday September 16th, 2014 Americans from around the country celebrated the anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution.  Various non-profit political advocacy groups, such as Young Americans for Liberty, have utilized Constitution Day as a means to get out to members of the public to discuss the rights that our founding fathers granted us.  The leadership of Young Americans for Liberty encouraged their chapters from around the country to work on erecting “Free Speech Walls” within the free speech zones of college campuses that have such zones.
Philip Hamilton speaking to a GMU Student in front of the GMU YAL Free Speech Wall.

Philip Hamilton speaking to a GMU Student in front of the GMU YAL Free Speech Wall.

Christopher Salas, the chairman of the George Mason University Young Americans for Liberty (GMU YAL) chapter worked to establish Free Speech Walls within the free speech zone in the North Plaza, between the Johnson Center and Robinson Hall.  Two walls were erected, and a mulititde of students took turns writing their thoughts about politics and other parts of life on them. Quotes on the walls consisted of statements such as, “Open your eyes” and “Without the right to life, no other rights can be expressed”.  Other quotes included various statements from progressive, libertarian and conservative minded students, as well as non-political statements.

    GMU YAL members passed out pocket constitutions and encouraged students to join the group, while students wrote on the wall.   GMU YAL members discussed issues pertaining to big government, 4th amendment rights, and the lack of respect of individual privacy of private citizens.
     Unfortunately, after the wall was up for two days, administrative staff at George Mason University, claimed that GMU YAL did not have permission to put up the Free Speech Walls within a free speech zone on campus.  Therefore, administrative staff had both of the walls removed.
      As a George Mason University undergraduate alumni and as a descendant of George Mason, from my mother’s side of the family, I am appalled by the hypocritical decision taken by some of the university’s administrative staff.   How can a university named after a founding father who was the principle author of the Virginia Declaration of Rights and who contributed to the U.S. Bill of Rights, have staff that seek to remove free speech walls, established to remind us of our inherit rights as Americans, within a free speech zone?  It is events such as this which proves that free speech zones should not exist, at George Mason nor at any other college or university, since every corner of a college campus should be an area designated for free speech.
Next time you speak with your Senator or Congressman, remind them that we need a national law eliminating the existence of free speech zones on college campuses, because once we protect free speech rights on these campuses the message of liberty and conservatism will be significantly easier to spread to future generations of Americans who look forward to celebrating Constitution Day.

The Civil War Within the Republican Party

February 13, 2014

My letter to the editor to the Virginia Free Citizen, which I wrote after the fallout of the December 2, 2013 Caroline County, Virginia GOP committee meeting:

As we Republicans lick our wounds after a very humbling election, there is one thing that is an obvious lesson that we all must take away: We need more participation in our party structure from citizens willing to work for the GOP.

We all have heard the mantra that Republicans must be an inclusive “Big Tent” party. There are signs once again that would make it appear that this big tent includes those willing to work closely with Democrats while excluding those that claim their roots in the Tea Party.

Flashes are on the horizon sounding the alarms of an all-out attack on conservative groups from those calling themselves the “Center Right”. As those who have studied the political history of our party know, this is not new.

Since Goldwater challenged the establishment 50 years ago, this group of big-government Republicans has tried to minimize the conservative wing of the party; an effort that gave us Ronald Reagan.

Now comes the harbinger of the latest attempt to keep conservatives “in their place”. The following letter is an example of the exclusionary tactics of what could only be called the “Ruling Class” mentality that threatens the very heart of what the Republican Party should be.


Currently, there is an ongoing struggle between establishment Republicans and Tea Party conservatives over future control of local GOP committee units. Many GOP committee units, including the unit in Caroline County, are controlled by establishment Republicans who are actively stonewalling Tea Party conservatives from joining the committee.

In the 7th Congressional District, and in surrounding Congressional districts such as the 1st, Congressman Eric Cantor, Bill Bolling and others in power are actively seeking to retain establishment chair control and to overthrow tea party chairs. Eric Cantor knows that he is more likely to win a primary than a convention, since a more conservative candidate would win the latter.

Cantor specifically wants pro-primary chairs installed in GOP committees so that when he is up for re-election he can insure he obtains the nomination process of choice. For Cantor, and other establishment Republicans, retaining power is more important than growing the party.

Last month, I wrote a letter to the editor explaining what needs to change in the local Republican Party in Caroline County. As the Grassroots Chair of the Fredericksburg Area Young Republicans, and as the Caroline County Tea Party Chair, I felt a responsibility to offer some suggestions as to how I thought the local Republican party might be more effective. I suggested that meetings be once a month, rather than quarterly. I suggested that it might be advisable to appoint a minority outreach director.

Finally, I suggested that a Caroline County GOP Committee website should be created to help disseminate information about the local GOP Committee. The website could include a “mission statement” with goals and objectives. It should include a schedule of meetings (times, places, and agenda). It could also include general news and “happenings” of the local committee. It could tell people how to get involved. Such a website could be a valuable tool to help grow the party locally. Although I have given my suggestions to the local Caroline County GOP Chair, Jeff Sili, there has been no response to date.

On Monday December 2, 2013 I attended the Caroline County GOP Committee meeting at the courthouse in Bowling Green. Upon entering the Courthouse, the police officer asked my name and went on to warn me that I would be asked to leave should I cause a problem. I assured him causing any problem was not my intent. Unfortunately, there seemed to be no formal agenda for members and visitors to follow. There was no roll call of members, nor was there a sign up sheet for visitors in attendance. When the meeting began, Susan Sili spent ten minutes making false statements against me, such as the accusation that I was a Democrat, that I tried to start a Young Republicans group in Caroline without the authorization of the Virginia Young Republicans chair, and that I handed out non-Republican literature at the Harvest Festival and the local Agriculture Fair.

The non-Republican literature that they mentioned me handing out at the Caroline County GOP Committee booths, in addition to Republican campaign literature I handed out, was pocket U.S. Constitutions and Heritage Action for America literature stating the negative effects of Obamacare. I strongly feel that the committee Chair did not completely follow tenants in “The Robert’s Rules of Order” throughout the meeting in an effort to “blackball” me from joining the committee.

I am uncertain as to when these allegations were brought up for discussion at a previous public meeting. To my knowledge, these allegations and innuendos were never discussed in a publicly announced meeting held by the committee that I attended. If there had been such a public meeting, I am sure I would have attended if it had been announced in a timely manner. Could there have been a private, or otherwise unscheduled “strategy” meeting amongst just a few committee members when the attack upon my good name was formulated? If so, why were the minutes of that private meeting read as if they were recorded from a public meeting? If such a private meeting did take place, did “the committee” change “application and joining rules” at that time? If such a meeting took place then they should of stated when was it announced, where was it held, and who was in attendance.

After the “minutes” (the “smear attack”) were read on December 2nd, one person was allowed to make a correction, then, there was a quick motion to accept them. It was followed by a quick “second”, and a quick vote to accept the “minutes”. Though my good name had been smeared, I was given no opportunity, at any time, to raise questions, or rebut the accusations and innuendos made towards me. Mr. Sili, stated that the minutes had been and approved, and that “the meeting” was moving forward. The only other business taken up by “the committee” was a financial report, and an explanation of the rules changes for becoming a member of the committee. The rest of the evening was spent listening to State Representative Robert Orrock.

A couple of visitors told me later that it was obvious to them I was being ridiculed, smeared, and admonished in the so-called minutes. They further stated that they can now understand why the Caroline County GOP Committee seems ineffective in getting out the Republican vote.

I believe Jeff Sili has deliberately taken measures towards me in an effort to intimidate me and discourage me from attempting to join the Caroline County GOP Committee. In so doing, he is taking a stand against the Conservative tenets, ideals and values of the Tea Party. I believe Mr. Sili’s actions towards me have been unfair and unethical. I believe his actions demonstrate that he is not interested in new and refreshing ideas that might help grow the Caroline GOP into a more effective Republican voting unit. He appears to be “closed-minded” and resistant to change.

The Status Quo in the Caroline County GOP Committee, as well as the Republican party in general under the leadership of “establishment players” and their “establishment philosophies” is unacceptable. It is a shame that a young person, like myself, who is desirous of joining, and willing to volunteer my time and energy in an effort to help the Caroline GOP Committee, has been disrespected by the entrenched leadership of that committee. Mr. Sili is basically saying that if you agree with him, his ideas and his philosophy, then he might welcome you into “his” committee.

If Mr. Sili is indeed serious about wanting to grow Republican voters in Caroline County, then, he must be willing to make some changes within the committee’s closed-minded philosophy and behavior, so that it will become truly representational of the values of all Republican voters. I would think that Mr. Sili, and “his” committee would welcome citizen input by welcoming new members (many with refreshing ideas and suggestions) with open arms. If some changes are not made, I believe the Republican party in Caroline County will continue to flounder.

Needed Changes in the GOP locally in Caroline County and in Virginia

February 13, 2014

The following article I wrote was also published in the Virginia Free Citizen and the Caroline Progress:

Many individuals throughout the state of Virginia who identify themselves as Republicans put in their heart and soul into this statewide race.  I myself am one of the individuals who have been helping with the statewide races since January 2013.  Yet despite all of the hard work put in we lost the Governor and Lt. Governor’s race and the people of Virginia are facing a potential loss of the Mark Obenshain’s bid for Attorney General.  If the Democrats control the governorship, the Office of the Lt. Governor and the Office of the Attorney General, this will be the first time in 24 years in which the Democrats have control over all three positions of power.  For members of the Republican Party this is truly a time of needed reflection.

As a resident of Caroline County, Virginia I can testify to how the Caroline GOP committee needs to change some of its old ways in order to grow the party locally.  First off, the meetings of the committee are only held quarterly so there are very few opportunities for individuals to be active with the Republican Party locally.  In addition, the meetings are only posted a week in advance through a post in the local newspaper.  We need monthly GOP meetings in Caroline that are posted online and in the paper.  Secondly, the Caroline GOP Committee is severely lacking in its online presence due to the absence of a committee Facebook page and a general website.  If you Google, “Caroline County Virginia GOP Committee” the first search result that comes up is the contact information for the Caroline County GOP Committee Chair Jeff Sili within the Northern Neck Republicans site.  The second search result is the webpage for the Caroline County, MARYLAND GOP Committee site.  On the flip side, if you Google, “Caroline County Virginia Democratic Committee: the first search result is the Democratic Committee website and the second is the committee Facebook page.  In both sites you can see how Democrats have been involved in the local community in Caroline, but there is scant evidence of Republicans being active in Caroline because the lack of websites for the Caroline GOP Committee.  This is a failure of the Republican leadership in Caroline to adapt to the ways of the 21st century and this failure in leadership has resulted in about 500 more votes being cast for MucAuliffe then for Cuccinelli.  In order for Republicans to begin to be more competitive with Democrats we need to at least be doing everything that they are doing, such as having a maintained website and regular monthly meetings, to ensure the public has more access to the local Republican Party.

On a state level, the Republican Party of Virginia could have done more to help win over more independent voters.   First, there should have been issues pages, separate from the regular campaign pages, created for each of the candidates.  Then each of those web pages should have been placed under search engine optimization, so that the Republican Party would pay to have certain issues placed as the top results for a candidate.  This would have been very effective to help counter the Virginia Democrat’s accusation that Cuccinelli was engaging on a, “War on Women”.  If people Googled, “Cuccinelli’s War on Women” the issues page showing how Cuccinelli fought to enhance the rights of women who were sexually assaulted, his desire to increase the health standards of abortion clinics, etc. should have been highlighted on the issues page.

Secondly, the Republican Party of Virginia needs to end their primary canvassing focus on “just identifying conservative voters through surveying” because that strategy is just catering to the base rather than growing the base.   Rather the party needs to focus on having volunteers and campaign staff discuss political issues on a grassroots level, so that more members of the party are able to state to independents the benefits of conservative principles.  When I was volunteering for the Cuccinelli campaign the script only consisted of who are you voting for Governor, “Cuccinelli, McAuliffe or not voting”.  We can’t expect to win the hearts and minds of independents with volunteers and staffers who just go by the script and whom do not discuss political issues up front.  I’m sure that if the script was focused on the issues the party could of had more volunteers and campaign staffers making statements such as, “Did you know that McAuliffe is supporting Medicaid Expansion in Virginia which will add 400,000 to a malfunctioning program at a cost of over a billion dollars to the state of Virginia in the near future?” or “Did you know that McAuliffe supports Obamacare as it stands despite the fact that each person over the age of 26 who doesn’t pay for health insurance will be penalized about $700 per year by the IRS by 2016?” Statements like these speak to the people because they will realize how policies supported by the Democrats will affect their pocketbooks as well as the pocketbooks of their children.

Lastly, the Republican party of Virginia needs to spend less money on consultants and to devote more funds on keeping the statewide victory offices open year round.  The Virginia Democrats keep their offices open year round thus we must increase our presence on the grassroots level to stay competitive as a party.  Keeping the offices open year round also keep the party in advancing our goal of minority inclusion into the party.  We need to show that Republicans are genuinely interested in the economic prosperity of the community year round, by being present in our communities even when election season is over.  This increased presence will help attract more independent minorities to the party as field directors are able to devote more time reaching out to these individuals year round.  These changes, as well as many others need to be contemplated and acted upon.  What will you do to help grow the conservative base in 2014?